Your front door is the gateway to your personal paradise, and when it comes to replacing it, there are crucial factors to consider. With a myriad of choices available, we have put together 4 top tips for selecting a new front door that suits your East London home and enhances your home improvement project.

1. Ensure your new front door is Secured by Design accredited

With 33.8k crimes reported in East London last year, security should be the priority when you are searching for your new front door. They can make all the difference to how secure your home is and how safe you feel in it. A good benchmark to set is to ensure your replacement door is Secured by Design accredited.

Secured by Design is an official police initiative to ‘design out crime’. Our beautiful composite & uPVC front doors achieve this standard, and in addition to this prestigious title, our composite doors have been tested to meet PAS 24 2012 requirements and standards set by the UK police, which protects against:

  • A manual attack on the locking hardware with tools, including a crowbar and mole grips
  • Unlimited number of 3-minute attacks on the door cylinder using a range of tools, such as craft knives and screwdrivers
  • 3-minute manual attack using chisels and brick bolsters to gain entry through the door
  • Hard body impact test – impacts are applied to the door leaf at hinge points and locking points using a 50kg steel impactor.

Find out more about the durability of our ultra-secure composite doors here.

Blue composite front door

2. Ensure your new front door has incredible thermal properties

Each of our front door materials are extremely energy efficient. To help you understand each one’s thermal strengths, let’s take a closer look:

Composite front doors

The innovative thermal performance of our composite doors in East London is due to the robust solid core (which is 10% thicker than competitor brands) and the 5-chamber uPVC outer frame. The multi-chambered design makes it harder for cold air to seep through into your home and the valuable warmth to escape. As the air has multiple layers to get through, your home in East London will remain warmer for longer and the solid core ensures a durable product.

uPVC front doors

Our uPVC doors also incorporate a multi-chamber frame and provide excellent protection against the elements in Greater London. Air-tight seals keep out any drafts and effective drainage channels ensure there are no leaks.

Aluminium front doors

Our aluminium doors utilise cutting-edge thermal break technology. A polyamide thermal barrier is positioned within the door structure to minimise heat loss and provide effective thermal insulation. This separates the aluminium frame into two separate interior and exterior sections and the ‘break’ efficiently reduces heat transfer, ensuring your home retains the perfect temperature all year round.

Black composite door

3. Ensure your new front door has kerb appeal

A replacement door can bring the charm of your home back to life, and with over 100 RAL colours, an array of hardware choices, and endless designs, your new front door can completely change the aesthetic of your home. If you live in a beautiful Victorian home in East London you may want to liven up your exterior with a traffic-red front door, or if your style is a little more minimalistic then Anthracite Grey is the hue for you! With modern and traditional hardware available and the choice of decorative glazing, your front door will be completely unique to you!

4. Find the right installer

Our top tip when replacing your front door is to find the right installer! It is expected you will visit numerous glazing companies as you search for your perfect front door, however, not all of them will be sincere. For some, making a sale is more important than ensuring the customer leaves with high quality. However, at Aim Windows we are breaking down the misconceptions of the glazing industry. Our customers are at the centre of everything we do, and we will never recommend anything that will not benefit them.

A black doorco front door.

High-performing uPVC, aluminium, and composite doors in East London

The number of factors you need to think about when replacing your front door for home improvement can be quite overwhelming. But that is why we are here! Contact us today and one of our glazing experts will be able to give you professional and genuine advice or visit us at our refreshing glazing showroom in Canary Wharf where we will be happy to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What types of front doors are available for East London homes? A: We offer a range of front door materials, including composite, uPVC, and aluminium, each providing distinct benefits such as security, thermal efficiency, and customizability.
Q: Do your front doors come with a warranty? A: Yes, all our front doors are backed by a comprehensive warranty to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction with your purchase.
Q: Can I customize the colour and design of my new front door? A: Absolutely! Our front doors come in a wide range of colours, designs, and hardware options, allowing you to personalize your door to match your home’s style and your preferences.
Q: Do you also offer back door installation services? A: Yes, in addition to front doors, we provide professional installation services for back doors that offer the same level of security, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.
Q: Is your glazing showroom in Canary Wharf open to the public? A: Yes, our refreshing glazing showroom in Canary Wharf is open to the public. Feel free to visit us, and our team will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect front door for your East London home.