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We are committed to continually improving our product range and offering high-quality, energy-efficient, long-lasting, and attractive doubled glazed uPVC/aluminium windows, doors and conservatories that will perfectly suit your home.

You shouldn’t have to settle for less, no one wants to live with subpar living conditions and draughty old window panes will only lead to higher energy bills in an already expensive climate.

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Why should I choose double glazing from AimWindows?

We only supply and fit the very best products  in our industry and that’s why we install:

  • A-rated energy rated glass – lower energy bills
  • Toughened acoustic laminated glazing – safe and secure
  • Argon gas membrane – Double & Secondary Glazing
  • MILA, Yale, Winkhaus & Cotswolds Hardware

Utilising Europe and the UK’s most energy-efficient window systems, our low-maintenance,  toughened glazing is guaranteed to please.


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Unrivalled quality, attention to detail, customer service & fast turnaround times are top priorities at Aim Windows. Which is why we do not – under any circumstances – employ subcontractors.

Our fitters are exactly that, our fitters.

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Enhancing Your Home with Double Glazing: Common Queries Answered

Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section, where we address key inquiries about our top-notch double glazing services tailored for East London and its surrounding areas. Discover why AimWindows is your go-to choice for A+ rated, high-quality solutions. If you're considering home renovation or seeking energy-efficient options, our FAQ guide provides essential insights.

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Why should I opt for double glazing from AimWindows?

Choosing AimWindows ensures the installation of top-tier products. We offer A-rated energy-rated glass for lower energy bills, toughened acoustic laminated glazing for enhanced safety, and an Argon gas membrane for Double & Secondary Glazing benefits. Our hardware selection includes trusted brands like MILA, Yale, Winkhaus & Cotswolds.

How does A-rated energy-rated glass help in reducing energy bills?

A-rated energy-rated glass, used in our double glazing, is designed to minimize heat loss. This results in improved insulation, reducing the need for excessive heating. By maintaining a comfortable temperature, it contributes to lower energy consumption and subsequently reduces energy bills.

What makes toughened acoustic laminated glazing a secure choice?

Our toughened acoustic laminated glazing provides enhanced security by combining strength and sound insulation. It acts as a barrier against external noise and, being tougher than standard glass, adds an extra layer of protection to your property, making it a secure choice for your home.

Can you explain the significance of the Argon gas membrane in Double & Secondary Glazing?

The Argon gas membrane used in our double glazing serves as an insulating layer. This inert gas improves thermal performance, reducing heat transfer between panes. This results in better insulation, making it an effective solution for both Double and Secondary Glazing, contributing to energy efficiency.

Are the window systems used by AimWindows low-maintenance?

Yes, AimWindows utilises Europe and the UK’s most energy-efficient window systems. These systems are not only energy-efficient but also low-maintenance, ensuring that your double glazing retains its quality without requiring extensive upkeep.

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