Many of our clients often ask how they can create a better sense of space in their homes as the race for space continues! Many of us have recently spent more time than ever in our homes due to covid and now the cost-of-living crisis. We are longing for more home space than ever before.

We have put together a list of possible home solutions and simple changes that can be made to improve your home and not move this upcoming year.

Let’s see what home improvements you can make to increase your home’s potential and give an overall better sense of space.


How light and glazing can open up your home

Natural light is always a winner when wanting to open up internal spaces. Natural light sources ensure rooms stay bright and inviting; making the most of daylight is a perfect way to keep a room feeling vibrant and full of life. It can even help a space feel larger than it actually is.

Home improvement products such as roof lanterns, bifolding doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and conservatories will flood in light, increasing the sense of space, and can help regulate circadian rhythms to help our sleep and overall well-being.

roof lantern

Benefits of glazing and sense of space at home

Glass and glazing products can make a small room feel open and bigger by removing visual barriers. Glass creates the illusion of more space and creates an entirely different feel and atmosphere to boxed-in walls. For example, our bifold glass doors allow you to look at the outdoor surroundings without being stopped by visual hurdles.

Glazing products that can help the sense of space at home include:


Light and bright interior décor to increase the feeling of space

Combining glazing with light walls, floors, and ceilings can create a great sense of space. The use of reflective surfaces, mirrors and natural accent tones in furnishings can significantly improve a smaller room. Ditching heavy curtains and opting for blinds and removing the visual clutter to give an airy home feeling can make all the difference.

side shot of black bifold doors on home

Open plan living to increase the sense of space at home

Open plan home design is perfect for large, entertaining spaces like your kitchen-dining-living rooms. However, creating softer divides between spaces in small rooms can also have a transformative effect. Open-plan living isn’t just limited to living room areas. You can rejig your main bedroom so the ensuite is open plan or a walk-in wardrobe off the main bedroom giving your home a modern contemporary edge while increasing the feeling of space.

Increase the sense of space in your London home with Aim Windows

At Aim Windows, we have a range of home improvement products that can increase the sense of space at home and are perfect for all London properties. Glazing gives beautiful aesthetics and impressive thermal performance, meaning you can save money on your energy bills while having a beautiful home.

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