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We only supply and fit the very best in our industry and that’s why we install:

With ultra-slim frame rafters available in contemporary aluminium, you can literally light up your life with a roof lantern installation.

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Unrivalled Choice

The innovative Skypod is a contemporary roof lantern, ideal for smaller flat-roofed spaces in need of extra height, light, width, and thermal efficiency. Whereas the Korniche roof lantern is designed with Timeless, handcrafted with the traditional features of timber in mind, and complemented by roof lights and lanterns from the Atlas range offering some of the slimmest sightlines around. Whatever the taste, style, or specification preferred by home owners, our beautiful collection of Roof Lanterns refuse to compromise on performance, security, or style.

Effortlessly stylish Roof Lanterns to improve your home

Ultra-slim aluminium sightlines from Atlas. Life-like timber look rafters from Korniche.


Energy Efficient Roof lanterns for your UK home

Multi-chambered profiles. Cutting-edge, thermally broken aluminium profiles. U-values as low as 1.0 w⁄m2k (double glazed) or 0.7 w⁄m2k triple glazed, lowering energy bills and improving thermal performance across the board.


Full Colour Range

With white, black and grey as our standard colours, we can supply your new roof lantern in the RAL colour of your choice.


Made To Measure Roof Lanterns in Poplar

Our surveyor’s are IQ Level 3 NVQ Certified in Fenestration surveying, meaning you’re in safe hands with Aim Windows!

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Grey Bifold Doors

Professional Fitting

Unrivalled quality, attention to detail, customer service & fast turnaround times are top priorities at Aim Windows. Which is why we do not – under any circumstances – employ subcontractors.

Our fitters are exactly that, our fitters.

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Roof Lanterns FAQs: Illuminate Your Home with Style and Durability

Welcome to our Roof Lanterns FAQs, where we shed light on the brilliance of our products designed by AIM Windows. Discover how our roof lanterns systems can transform your living spaces with character and warmth, offering a lasting barrier against even the harshest weather conditions. Read on to find answers to common questions about our top-notch installations featuring Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions and Korniche Aluminium Systems.

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What makes AIM Windows' roof lanterns unique for home improvement projects?

AIM Windows' roof lanterns are engineered with precision, featuring ultra-slim frame rafters in contemporary aluminium. This unique design not only boosts the character of your home but also provides a durable and visually stunning focal point.

How do AIM Windows' roof lanterns contribute to safety and warmth in East London homes?

Our roof lanterns are tested to withstand the toughest weather conditions, ensuring a secure and warm environment for you and your family. Whether it's a new home improvement project, enhancing a flat roof, or adding bright space to your East London home dining rooms, AIM Windows' installations offer safety and warmth for many enjoyable years to come.

Can AIM Windows' roof lanterns be customised for conservatory spaces?

Absolutely. AIM Windows provides roof lanterns that are perfect for rejuvenating tired conservatory spaces. The ultra-slim frame rafters in contemporary aluminium offer a modern touch while creating a dazzling focal point, with a variety of design options and a wide range of sizes.

What brands does AIM Windows install, and why are they considered the best in the industry?

AIM Windows exclusively installs Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions and Korniche Aluminium Systems. These brands are recognised for their quality and innovation, ensuring that our customers receive the very best in the industry.

How does the use of ultra-slim frame rafters in AIM Windows' roof lanterns enhance lighting in living spaces?

The ultra-slim frame rafters, crafted from contemporary aluminium, allow natural light to flood your living spaces. With AIM Windows' roof lanterns, you can literally light up your life, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere in your home.

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