So far, 2023 is a deserving nominee for the most unpredictable year award. However, one thing we can be certain on are the top home improvements that can be easily made to help transform your East London home. With heightened pressures on our economy and climate, the top home renovation trends of 2023 have a far greater impact on our wellbeing and wallet than those of previous years. Here at Aim Windows, we have highlighted three key ways to help improve your home this year.

Efficiency Appeal

Creating an energy efficient home is top priority in 2023 if you’re wanting to help protect your living space from the cost-of-living crises. Upgrading your home’s windows and doors to prevent heat loss is a great way to reduce your energy bills whilst also providing an opportunity to rethink the design and aesthetic quality of your home too. Whilst investing in new windows and doors might strike you as oppositional to our current financial climate, poor insulation performance will only further add to the misery of the monthly heating bill. Warped and damaged windows allow an excessive amount of cold air, moisture, and insects into your home – none of which on trend for 2023. All our windows are A rated and achieve impressively low U-values of 1.2 W/m2k which afford our homeowners the chance to enjoy both a comfortable and cost-effective space without compromise. Whilst replacing your windows and doors may seem a daunting task, we are committed to placing our customers at the heart of everything we do. From your first design consultation to final installation, Aim Windows work with our customers every step of the way.

Large Aluminium Bifold Doors

Curb Appeal

Though ‘House Renovation UK’ tiktok has nearly 6 billion views, it is striking to note the contrast in how few 2023 homeowners research as intensely to improve the curb appeal of their home. Here at Aim Windows, we take pride in helping customers navigate the wide variety of design options that we’re able to offer, and work hard to ensure that our customers’ crafted interiors are reflected externally too. We pride ourselves on our extensive uPVC colour palette, limitless aluminium RAL colour palette, and metallic, textured, woodgrain and dual colour frame options – all of which empower our customers with creative license. Nobody wants their home to look worn or uninviting. Windows are often the first thing you will notice when your home begins to show signs of wear and tear, so replacing and upgrading them will rejuvenate your home with immediate effect.


White uPVC Casement Window

Capital Appeal

Clicking onto this article suggests that you are not only house proud, but forward thinking too. With that, we can fairly assume that you will also be seeking a return on investment for your East London home one day. Over the past year, house prices in East London have increased by 7%. If you were to take our advice and revitalise your home with upgraded windows and doors, then doing so would provide you with a fail-safe way to guarantee a return on investment for your home! Window replacement return on investment is highest when you choose an experienced contractor who knows how to get the job done, and our breadth of experience means we are confident in our ability to support your home’s development as well as its financial promise!

What Next?

So, contact us today and one of our glazing experts will be able to give you professional and genuine advice, or visit us at our extensive home improvement showroom in Canary Wharf  where we will be happy to help!