Roof lanterns are becoming increasingly popular ways to enhance homeowners’ living experience.

Often found in extensions such as conservatories and orangeries, usually on a flat roof, they are multi-paned glazed structures that are placed on the roof, allowing natural light to flood into the room below from all angles.

But like any significant home improvement, proper installation is crucial to ensuring your roof lantern will maintain its brilliance for years to come.

This guide will explain the key factors to take into account when choosing a roof lantern installer, whether it’s looking at their experience, glazing options, or anything else.

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What is a roof lantern?

Before we look closer at the installers, it’s important to gain a wider understanding of what roof lanterns are, and how best to maximise their potential.

As mentioned above, roof lanterns are a multi-paned glass structure that functions like a skylight, usually residing on an orangery or conservatory, but capable of sitting on any flat roof.

They’re a great way to increase the amount of natural light entering the room, reducing reliance on artificial lighting and creating a brighter, happier space.

Natural light is proven to improve both mental and physical health, whilst having a roof lantern installed onto your home will also increase the property’s value, optimise its space, and improve its energy efficiency.

Korniche Roof Lantern

What do you need to consider when choosing the right roof lantern installer?

So, you’re sold on a roof lantern as the best way to enhance your home life, with the next step being to identify the right installer.

But what do you need to consider to ensure your experience is a positive one, and that your property receives the best product it can to suit your requirements?

Here are a few considerations…

What brands do they supply and install?

Any installer you opt for will likely have their own brand portfolio, where they source materials and products to create your dream roof lantern.

At Aim Windows, we make sure that we only supply and fit the best in our industry, which is why we use Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions for ultra-slim sightlines, and Korniche Aluminium Systems for the rafters.

Both brands are widely recognised as the best, highest-quality options in the industry, largely thanks to their quality and innovation.

They both prioritise ultra-slim frames, allowing as much natural light to stream in as possible, the main attraction of a roof lantern.

Whether they use subcontractors

It’s important that you trust who is working on something as precious as your home.

For instance, you don’t want to place your faith in an installer, only to find out they are employing subcontractors to do the job for them.

That’s why at Aim Windows, we pledge to never use subcontractors.

Our experienced experts make up our in-house roof lantern installation team, who understand and work towards our company values of unrivalled quality, attention to detail, customer service, and fast turnaround times.

Their roof lanterns’ energy efficiency rating

You don’t want to go through the hassle and additional cost of installing a roof lantern, only to find it has minimal impact on your thermal efficiency as it fails to retain heat in the cold months, and overheats in the warm ones, making the space borderline unusable.

A good roof lantern will be tightly sealed, with the aluminium working with sturdy double or triple-glazed glass to ensure no heat escapes – this in turn means you’ll be less reliant on things such as electric heaters and radiators, saving you money on your energy bills.

At Aim Windows, we are proud to say that our roof lanterns achieve outstanding U-values as low as 1.0w/m2k for double-glazed, and 0.7w/m2k for triple-glazed options.

Lantern Roof

The colour range

It’s important that a roof lantern complements, matches, or enhances the style of your home – you don’t want it to be an out-of-place eye sore.

For instance, if you’ve got exterior doors coated in a specific RAL colour, it’s always safe to match that with a new roof lantern.

That’s why we offer new roof lanterns in any RAL colour of your choice, meaning whether you want to match your existing look or try something new, we have the design option for you.

Though our standard range is white, black, and grey.

Korniche Roof Lantern

Their accreditations

It’s also crucial to consider the qualifications and accreditations of any potential installer working on your home.

Our Aim Windows team have full FENSA accreditation, as well as insurance-backed guarantees and a certified Fenestration surveyor.

FENSA accreditation means all of our products used comply with building regulations in England, put in place to ensure that they meet energy efficiency standards, are safe, and have outstanding overall quality.

Experience is equally valuable, and we’ve been working with our East London community on roof lanterns, windows, doors, conservatories, and much more for years. You can see examples of our work on our website.

The glazing options

Most homeowners will have an idea of whether they’d like double or triple glazing installed into their roof lanterns.

Triple glazing, as mentioned earlier, achieves higher U-values, but also comes in at a slightly higher cost, so if you do have a preference, it’s worth checking whether the installers offer both options.

At Aim Windows, we proudly offer the option of both double glazing and triple glazing, and if you’re having trouble making your mind up, our friendly expert team are always happy to help.

Roof Lanterns from Aim Windows

Our roof lanterns are designed to boost your home’s character and warmth, whilst providing a long-lasting barrier against even the harshest of weather conditions for your additional peace of mind.

We see it as important that every space in your home can be used to its fullest potential all year round through regulated temperature and an abundance of natural light, which our roof lanterns achieve thanks to their ultra-slimline frame rafters and brilliant contemporary aluminium.

Aluminium is an incredible material for a roof lantern, as it is durable, low maintenance, and has a sleek contemporary design.

As mentioned earlier, we offer roof lanterns in any RAL colour, so there’s bound to be something for you. You can get a free quote on a roof lantern here.

Korniche Roof Lantern

About Aim Windows

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