It’s no secret that useable living space in London can be difficult to come by.

In an area where space is a luxury, many homeowners are faced with the challenge of finding ways to unlock and maximise additional space.

If you’ve been looking for a way to add extra space to your property, adding an extension to your London home might be the perfect choice for you. And, with our wealth of industry experience, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that we will handle each step of your home improvement project with professionalism and care.

What are the benefits of adding an extension to my London home?

People choose to add a home extension for a variety of reasons. The first reason is the most obvious – adding a home extension will provide you with a new space, but this is far from the only benefit.

With the cost of uprooting and moving house exponentially high, many homeowners are adding extensions to their London home simply because it is a more feasible way to make best use of the space available compared to moving home.

An extension to your London home can also increase your property value, as additional living space can appeal to prospective buyers should you choose to eventually sell.

A home extension can also offer a versatile living area; many choose to have extensions near kitchens or living areas to add a space for entertaining when needed.

White uPVC Conservatory

What type of extension should I add to my home?

There are several types of house extensions available to homeowners, ranging from a contemporary, sophisticated single-storey extension with a roof lantern to more traditional extensions like conservatories and orangeries. What type of extension you choose will be informed by how much space you have, the style of your existing home, and how you want to be able to use the space.

Are you looking for a cosy, contemporary extension that you can use for entertaining and relaxing?

Or would you prefer a more casual glazed extension like a conservatory to bask in the sun’s rays?

Traditional conservatories

For those looking to add a traditional touch to their home extension, a conservatory provides a sunny spot to relax.

Conservatories have gained an unfair reputation as being thermally inefficient and draughty – however, at Aim Windows, our conservatories are designed to deliver outstanding results in regards to energy efficiency. Whether you opt for uPVC or aluminium, our conservatories are designed with attention to detail, and installed with the utmost care.

We offer a range of conservatory styles, including classic Victorian, Edwardian, and Gable-end conservatories along with more styles like Lean-To. We can even craft a bespoke conservatory just for your London home!

Cosy orangeries

For those looking for a more enclosed, cosy space, orangeries might be the best option.

Orangeries contain less glazed areas than conservatories, which means that they are often even more thermally efficient. While they may not let in as much natural light, orangeries are an incredibly versatile space that still allows homeowners to bring the outside in and enjoy a comfortable living space.

Our orangeries are all made to measure, and can be crafted using durable uPVC or contemporary aluminium.

Korniche Roof Lantern

Contemporary aluminium roof lanterns

Another option for more modern London homes is an extension featuring an aluminium roof lantern.

This option is a great way to add touch of modern sophistication to your extension, and our roof lanterns are made with durable, energy-efficient aluminium.

Roof lanterns are a great option for extensions in London homes as they allow plenty of natural light to flood in, giving the illusion of an airy, spacious living area.

Flexible and multi-purpose living spaces

Because our windows, doors and roof lanterns are crafted with energy efficiency at the heart, they are perfect for creating flexible, versatile living spaces. Whether you’re after a conservatory that also can be used as a home office in the winter months or a orangery that can be used for occasional entertaining, we can help.

Bring your dream extension to life with Aim Windows

Ready to unlock space in your London home? Get in touch to begin planning your ideal home extension. No matter what type of home extension you are looking for, at Aim Windows we can provide a range of windows, doors and roof lanterns to perfectly suit your design ideas. With years of experience, you can trust our team to provide a seamless, stress-free installation each step of the way.

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