Over the last 10 to 20 years the residential patio door market has evolved dramatically, with bifold doors replacing the more traditional sliding doors or French doors. Even more recently we’ve seen the introduction of slide and pivot door systems hit the market, with each having its own merit. This blog will explain the differences between these more contemporary door systems and hopefully help you make a decision for your next home improvement project.

Combine your indoors with the outdoors with Bifold Door Specialists across East London

Aluminium bifold doors are a fantastic way to seamlessly combine your indoor living area and outdoor area by uniting slim sightlines with our innovative engineering. The result is an unrivalled solution for homeowners looking for a flexible open-plan expansion that feels larger, more vibrant and allows more natural light in. These uninterrupted openings are achieved thanks to slender aluminium frames that are capable of withstanding the weight of the glazing.

The benefits of aluminium bifold door systems are quite extensive and have a multitude of uses whatever the style of home. Delivering outstanding performance, bifold doors are capable of achieving U-values up to 1.5/M2k through the use of thermal breaks to keep those rising energy bills at a minimum, combine this with our double glazing options and you’ll be ensuring the cold stays out and the heat stays in.

All of our bifolds are bespoke, made to measure, and fully customisable. They will suit any size or shape of a home, even capable of spanning around corners; the number of interlocking door leaves you have is at your discretion. You can also personalise your frames with a limitless RAL colour palette complete with ranges of optional high-performance handles that have undergone rigorous testing to keep unwanted intruders out. You’re in safe hands with Aim Windows.

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Large Aluminium Bifold Doors

Take a leap forward with Slide & Pivot Door installers in London

Similar to the idea of a bifold door system, our slide and pivot doors provide extra degrees of freedom and flexibility for homeowners with particular needs. Where the design of a slide and pivot door differs from the bifold door system is that they use hingeless, individual sashes that operate independently from one another, as opposed to working in unison. Slide and pivot door systems are often referred to as the ‘next generation of bifold’. This utilises unparalleled interlocking tongue and groove engineering to preserve minimalistic sightlines and stand the test of time. These doors are sure to be a stand out focal point no matter the style of property.

What is a slide and pivot door system?

Slide Pivot Doors

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From slide and pivot doors with illuminating sidelights to bifold doors that provide awe-inspiring glazed communal entrances, at Aim Windows we have all your home improvement needs. Backed with a range of exciting optional extras to choose from, including keyless entry, we’re your one stop shop for your project.  Visit our showroom at Poplar Business Park, get a free, no-obligation quote, or contact us today on 0207 537 0852 for all your East London property improvement needs.

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